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The Greenest NFT
Plant trees in the real world by playing a game

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Save the Nunu, save the forest, but for real!

Our fresh new combo merges the joy of casual gaming with the earning capacity of blockchain and turns it into ecological action.

Collect super cute nature spirits and play with them in a brand new world filled with party games, like parkour racing, capture the flag and floor is lava!

Reduce CO2 while you Play to Earn AND you can 3D print your entire NFT collection!

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Reduce the carbon footprint!

The NUNU WORLD is synced with the REAL WORLD.
The more trees that are planted the more lands and game modes can be created for NUNU holders to enjoy.


The tokenomics follows closely to other industry standards but automatically reserves a portion of revenues and adds it to the treasury to fund reforestation activities.

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The team is highly experienced with game development, smart contracts, and NFTs.
Contracted to work on a highly successful NFT game.
Excellent industry connections.